Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Our new web site is up and running. Please sign on and follow us there at www.smarturcitizens.com


  1. Where do we go to sign up to fight Oncor. This is insane, I am going on month #3 with double or almost triple cost as last year. TXU is worthless and could careless about its customers for putting a solution out that has raised so many concerns.

  2. I would like to know where you sign up to fight Oncor.. I also had TXU and my bills tripled and they were no help. I had to change companies because I couldn't pay the full bills and they were going to disconnect my service. HELP.....

  3. I too have seen my bill increase 75-125% over the past several months since my new smart meter arrived. I believe there is defiantly a problem with the meters. The encore spokes person say’s it is the results of colder weather. While I agree, it has certainly been colder than normal I do not believe, that is the total problem with these higher bills.
    Big companies have a tendency to lie when they are on the carpet to protect the company image and stock prices. Therefore, if you are going to tackle this company it will be necessary to compile as many facts as possible. My bill last March was $267.78 this March it is $628.65.